Nightlife in Cairo

\"100_VI0074\" \"128_HE0086\" \"129_HE0085\" \"170_HE0088\" \"172_VI0132\" Cairo is one of those cities where the night feels like it never ends, and is always lively with hundreds of people in every corner. Most people have music on their mind when going somewhere, and that’s why the Cairo Jazz Club is one of the most highly recommended places to be for fun live performances from the finest local musicians and great meals – it’s a cozy live bar next door. For the alcohol-inclined, some of the best bars are in Zamalek; Deals and Pub28 are some of the older and more loved bars in the area, with a calm and dark atmosphere. Vent is a great underground bar and cultural space with live performances and even film screenings; nightlife at its best. And for the food lovers in all of us, The Lemon Tree in Zamalek is a restaurant on the deck of the boat Imperial, with colorful decoration and Mediterranean cuisine. For a more sophisticated experience and the best Lebanese food you can find, Sabaya in InterContinental Cairo is a perfect candidate.