Spotlight on Sinai

\"03_Al \"04_AL \"08_Blue \"09_Blue \"23_DSC_0003 \"Omar \"05__CU0332\" \"41__ME0037\"Known for being a tourist-favorite destination for its natural setting, opulent coral reefs, and biblical history, the Sinai Peninsula is a must-visit for anyone. Sinai is home to many popular spots:
  1. Dahab
Dahab (meaning ‘gold’ in Arabic) was originally a fishing village, and today it is one of the most appealing locations in Sinai; great for soaking up some sun on its beautiful beaches and relaxing. The weather is ideal year-round. There are plenty of local stores for shopping, and the beaches are public with gorgeous coral reefs on every corner. While Dahab is perfect for windsurfing due to its reliable winds, most people visit for diving and snorkeling. The presence of flourishing underwater flora and fauna, and world-famous diving sites such as Blue Hole (which is known for its immense depth) and the Canyon.
  1. Nuweiba
Nuweiba has an overwhelming view of Saudi Arabia’s mountains beyond the Gulf of Aqaba, with the Sinai Mountains in the rear. Known for clear waters, white powdery sand, and incredible diving spots, Sinai’s largest oasis is a unique place along the Red Sea coast. Nuweiba is a destination where people can relax and explore for hours in Sinai desert and other nearby destinations. It is also famous for its bamboo huts, palm trees, and fresh seafood feasts, which make for a perfect day to relax on the beach.
  1. Taba
Taba’s exceptional geographical location between Africa and Asia at the Gulf of Aqaba’s beginning makes it a flourishing tourist destination for people around the world. Taba is not just all about pristine beaches, wonderful coral reefs, and a warm winter sun and pleasant heat in the summer. The nearby Sinai landmarks such as the Colored Canyon, or the St. Catherine’s Monastery, or Saladin’s Fortress, are all worth visiting, and are a mere few hours away.