The Best Sights in the Red Sea

\"27__DSC_0003\" \"36__DSC_0036\" \"39__LOPL0030\" \"40__LOPL0031\" \"44__DSC_0206\" \"47__DSC_0216\" \"01_Al \"07__ALmaspat\" Blue Lagoon, just north of Dahab, is heaven on earth and a perfect place to see, with more simple things in mind such as bamboo huts. Visitors often wind or kitesurf there owing to the constant flow of wind. Ras Mohamed is the most famous national park in Egypt, and a world renowned diving spot. It is filled with astonishing Red Sea coral reefs, in beautiful clear water with hundreds of diverse creatures, even dolphins. Finally, Salah El-Din’s Fortress, right across from Taba’s coast, lying on the Island of the Pharaoh. The fortress is a magnificent haven surrounded by coral reefs and offering a stunning panoramic view of the area.